Feb 19, 2009

SPM Tamil format (1)

Tamil paper
Code : 6354
Papers : 2

Time : 1 3/4 hrs

Section A : Open-ended essay (thirantha mudivu katturei)
Allocated time : 1 hour 15 min
Instuctions : Write an essay not less than 250 words.
Questions : 5 choices are given, choose one

CHOICE 1: One-word title (oru thaleipu katturei)
-Essay cannot be written in the form of experiences or stories. Anything
related to the topic can be brought up i.e the issues surrounding the
matter, history, progress, etc.
-eg : Thaai (mother), Kaadu (forest)

C 2 : Argumentive essay (Vaathe katturei)
-Essay should be biased; Must only write in favour of the title.
eg : Nagerpura Vaazhkeiye Sirenthethu (Life in the City is Better),
Penngal Velaikku Selvathey Nallathu (It is Better for Women to Work)

C 3 : Debate-style Essay (Vivaathe katturei)
-Essay must include both advantages and disadvantages unless only required
to write one side (the first example requires this as there are no disadvantages).
-eg : Pale Mozhigal Karpathaal Yerpadum Nanmeigal (Benefits of Learning
Many Languages), Vilembarengalinaal Yerpadum Vilaivugal (The Effects of

C 4 : Factual Essay
-This choice normally requires the essay to be written as a speech to a target
-eg : Kanini Kalviyin Avasiyem (Importance of Computer Education), Surrulaa
Thureiyin Valerchi (The Progress in Tourism Industry)

C 5 : Short story or drama script (Sirukathei allathu naadegem)
-A theme is given as a stimulus.
eg : Kaalam Thaveraamei (Punctuality), Naattu Pattru (Patriotism)

Section B : Guided composition (vazhikaati katturei)
Allocated time : 30 minutes
Instructions : Write an essay.
Questions : 2 choices given, choose 1

-Normally required to write a formatted essay based on given points.
Eg : Write an official letter (athigaarepoorve kadithem) to the Education Minister regarding challenges faced in a school.
- Can be asked to write a speech (urei), report (arikei), notice (arivippu), etc.

-Required to transfer information accurately.
-Can be given charts, tables, notes, agenda, etc. and asked to write information in paragraphs.
-Can be given a passage (ureinadei) and asked to transfer it into dialogue form (ureiyaadel)or any other form.

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